Generative AI:
Redefining Education Hackathon

Register by February 16th to join the upcoming Hackathon at 42 London!


Meet our Hackathon partners

42 London logo

At 42 London, we're thrilled to host this Hackathon because it aligns perfectly with our core values of personalized learning and peer-to-peer pedagogy. We believe that the fusion of our unique educational model with the cutting-edge capabilities of Generative AI offers an unparalleled opportunity for innovation in learning. By engaging our students and lifelong learners in this event, we aim to foster a collaborative environment where new ideas and tools are born, deeply rooted in our philosophy of self-directed, community-driven learning.

Anthropic AI Logo
Anthropic is an AI safety and research company with a fast-growing office in London. Its interdisciplinary team has deep experience across machine learning, physics, policy, and product. Together, they create reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. Anthropic’s flagship product is Claude, an AI assistant used by millions of consumers and businesses globally. Learn more about Anthropic at
TEDI London
Tomorrow’s challenges won’t be solved by yesterday’s thinking. At The Engineering & Design Institute London we’re on a mission to train and inspire a new generation of future engineers who can tackle the great issues of the 21st Century. We’re incredibly excited to have our students take part in this Hackathon and to see what happens when we put a group of talented disruptors together, taking a truly interdisciplinary and multi-perspective approach to the challenge of generative AI.
London Interdisciplinary School logo

At LIS, we're rewriting the rules of education to align with the dynamic challenges of today's world. Traditional degrees no longer cut it; the future demands a blend of skills, knowledge, and experience. At LIS, we break down silos, addressing real-world problems like AI, climate change, inequality, and urban futures.

That’s why we’re delighted to co-host this Hackathon: we believe deeply in the combination of interdisciplinary education and cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI to dramatically reshape our education system and the future of work. By engaging our interdisciplinary students in this event, along with our partner organisations, we are excited to collectively define a future where everyone is equipped with the skills to tackle complex real-world problems.  

City University of London Logo

City is delighted to be supporting this hackathon as part of our mission to be at the forefront of business, practice and the professions.  The intersection of education and AI presents an incredible opportunity to redefine the future of learning  and we are privileged to support the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs who are taking that leap.

AInautes logo

At AInautes, we are passionate about pioneering the future of education with generative AI. We believe that the key to unlocking this future lies in personalized and lifelong learning, tailored to each individual's unique needs and aspirations. This is why our upcoming 48-hour hackathon in London is more than just an event; it's a crucial step towards realizing this vision. By bringing together bright minds and innovative thinkers in the field of generative AI, we aim to foster groundbreaking ideas and solutions that can transform the educational landscape. This hackathon is not just an opportunity for collaboration and creativity; it's a platform for us to collectively shape a future where education is more accessible, engaging, and effective for everyone, powered by the transformative potential of AI.